Co-Designing Healthcare PFE Webinar

Posted By: Sarah Roberts | Posted On: May 23, 2017

Join the NCQC PFE Team on Thursday, May 25 for our Quarterly PFE Coordinators Webinar featuring  Catherine Dale of Health Innovation Network, South London.

When people in healthcare think about improvements to make it better we can often focus on making things more efficient, more reliable but pay less attention to making it a better experience. When designers are thinking about improving systems they consider all three components. Understanding healthcare from an experience point of view gives real insight into what is important to us when we are receiving healthcare.

It is not enough to get feedback from patients about what the current services feel like, we also need to involve people in the design and implementation of changes – if we don’t do that there is a chance that we re-design but continue to make mistakes.

Catherine Dale is an expert in improvement in healthcare that has learnt through the work she has done in cancer services and now in patient safety the importance of focusing on experience and co-designing services with patients and staff together. She will share some of the tools she has learned and the insights she has gained from this work in this interactive session.

Join us! Thursday, May 25, at 11:00am EST
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