Pneumonia Reduction: Focus of Data-Driven 2-Year NCHA Quality Goal

Posted By: Dean Higgins | Posted On: May 11, 2017

The NCHA Board recently approved a two-year Quality Goal to reduce the Pneumonia (PNE) mortality rate by a total of 25 percent and to reduce PNE readmissions by 10 percent. According to publicly reported data in 2016, 73 percent of NC hospitals reported a PNE Mortality Rate above the national average with a state rank of 49 out of 50. In addition, 45 percent of NC hospitals were higher than the national average on the CMS Hospital Readmission Reduction Program Pneumonia performance measure. In response to NC Quality Center staff recommendations, the NCHA Board has approved the following action request:

Adopt the 2017 Quality Goal of reducing Pneumonia Mortality Rate by 10% reduction in year 1 and an additional 15% in year 2 (median threshold); and reducing PNE Readmission DRG by 5% in year 1 and an additional 5% in year 2 (overall below national average).

Pneumonia Knockout: Hospital Sharing & Learning Day – July 13, 2017

Stay tuned for additional information.  Please contact Karen Southard, acting director of the NC Quality Center, with questions at or 919-677-4121.